Groups are always very welcome at Sheepworld. Special show-times are available for groups by prior arrangement if you are unable to make our regular show times.

corporate groups

SheepWorld offers a wide array of activities which will entertain groups wanting to combine an exclusive Sheepshow performance with fun farm-related activities and the option of lunch and/ or dinner, to make a totally memorable day.

Activities can be given time limits to increase the competitive element or can be extended by conducting them in a relay.


Wool Carding & Spinning: Teams divide into sub-groups and are given a pile of raw wool, a carding brush and a spindle. Within a set time period, the team must attempt to produce the longest continuous thread. Members work together to card the raw wool (brush it to produce fibres), spin the spindle and feed the wool fibres onto the spindle.

Sheep Drafting: A team is allocated 15 sheep which are held in a pen outside, then must round up the sheep, herd them into the drafting shed, then choose members who will direct the colour-coded sheep through the drafting gates to ensure the sheep are in the correct pen. 1 point per correct colour is given. In the allotted 10 minutes, sheep should be able to complete two circuits of the drafting shed.

Human Sheepdogs-Version 1: Teams must round up and herd 20 sheep through two hurdles located in the centre of a fenced paddock. 1 point per herded sheep is allocated. This activity requires much co-ordination and team work and is a great challenge while being hilarious at the same time.

Human Sheepdogs-Version 2: 3 team members are chosen to be "sheep" and 1 member is the Shepherd. The "sheep" are blind folded, then must be directed into a pen, solely by voice command to them individually. Having two teams operating at the same time adds to the hilarity and the need for strict control and recognition of their Shepherd's' voices.

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